Hiring Process

Returning Officers are responsible for hiring all election officers in their electoral division.

An online application will be available once the hiring process has commenced. The application will require the following details:

  • Name
  • Contact information: Both a phone number and email address are required
  • Confirmation of age range (16-17 or 18+): You must be 18+ to be eligible for the Site Supervisor position
  • Physical and mailing address: Your application will be made available to the returning office for the electoral division that you reside in
  • Previous election experience: Experience is not required, but is an asset
  • Positions you are interested in: Identify all positions that you are interested in working. During the hiring process you may be considered for additional roles.
  • Dates you are available to work: Identify all dates you are available and interested to work. Most advance voting positions require availability on all dates between May 23 and May 27.
  • Languages spoken: Additional languages spoken are an asset.
  • Consent for sharing name, address and contact information with other election management bodies: Indicate if you consent to your information being shared with other election management bodies with future election, enumeration, or census employment opportunities.
  • Confirmation of eligibility to be appointed as an election officer.

Your application will be directed to the Returning Officer for your electoral division based on your residential address. You may also be requested to work in electoral divisions that are adjacent to where you live.

Returning office staff will contact qualified applicants by phone or email to discuss the applicant’s qualifications and available positions. Not all applicants will be contacted.

Successful applicants will receive an email with information about their work and training assignments, as well as instructions for completing their worker profile online. All election workers are required to complete online and classroom training to prepare them for their role.

Apply to Work the 2023 Provincial General Election