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We encourage everyone to learn about the democratic process in Alberta and how you can take part. Learn more about the three levels of government, how voting works, and how you can take part.

Which Election? / Quelle Élection?

Understanding Federal, Provincial/Territorial, and Local Elections

Citizens vote in elections at federal, provincial/territorial, and municipal/local levels. These elections are run by different organizations, under different conditions, with each electing a different parliament, legislature, or council. Learn more about the three levels of government or how you can engage in the process through the short videos below. This resource is also great for classroom! Try out our Teacher’s Guide – for some fun classroom activities that reinforce curriculum and competencies.

Download the Teacher’s Guide. | Télécharger le Guide de l’enseignants.

Watch the videos here: | Regardez les vidéos ici:

The Three Levels of Government Les trois paliers de gouvernement The Three Levels of Elections Les élections à chaque palier

This program is developed in collaboration with all provincial and territorial election agencies in Canada and with Elections Canada (federal). Learn more on the Secretariat for Electoral Coordination website.

Citizen Today, Voter Tomorrow
Citoyen Aujourd’hui, Électeur Demain

First, let us congratulate you on becoming a Canadian citizen! It’s no small task to accomplish, and we’re proud to welcome you home. ?  

Now, you’ve probably already heard a lot about elections, whether it was on the citizenship exam or during the oath ceremony; and, we’ve also been working with Elections Canada and Citizenship and Immigration Canada to help you start down your path as a new voter in Canada 

We’ve developed a program, just for you. It provides all the information you need to get started!

Resources | Ressources

Get ready to vote in the next provincial election. Learn more about:


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As only one province in a larger whole, we wish to share the amazing resources of our colleagues across Canada. Beyond Alberta, the other provinces and territories offer many excellent programs: